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Bad Apple! - Touhou - English Translyrics
Even with the time
Flowing by, I
Look around without a single thought
'Til I'm spinning round and round again, and
I can't even see
The heart that's
Leaving me behind in a world
Where the dark is every-
-thing's so hard to move,
And I'm falling,
Falling through the emptiness inside
Of the open, gaping cracks of time, while
I don't know what's up,
What is down, what's
Left or right - just me, myself and I
With no one beside me.
Is it all a dream?
Is it nothing that I see?
Words fall useless as I speak,
Lying broken at my feet.
I'm so tired of feeling sad,
Dried up tears driving me mad.
Beating of an empty heart's
What I needed from the start.
Even if you tried to speak
The words that I need,
Hollow heart would make it void
'Til your voice was all destroyed.
But if I could break away,
Change this voice that makes me stay,
Tried to find the thing I lack,
I'd turn everything to black.
Will the sun ever rise
For someone who lives a lie?
Do I really exist
In a world shaped like this?
Do thes
:iconcantabiledc:CantabileDC 5 0
Rolling Girl - wowaka - English Translyrics
See that girl? The one with messed-up hair -
The lonely girl who always dreams.
There’s a noise all locked up inside her head -
If you try to get round
You will mess it about.
[I’m just fine] comes muttered from her mouth
But where, oh where’s the meaning now?
She fails again, fails again
Looking for the finish line to your mistakes,
You find it’s rolled again, and so
One more time, one more time,
[Today just like yesterday I will roll once more]
The rolling girl says, lonely girl says,
Turning, turning words inside their own meaning.
[Are you okay?]
[What should I say?
I can’t see the end of the road so I’ll run away,
‘Til I can’t breathe no more, this time]
See that girl? The one who just can’t reach
The colours that now lie beyond time.
She’s so tired of the voices in her head
As they blend into one, how crushed she’s become.
[I’m just fine] are words no longer heard.
Haven’t they lost their meaning now?
:iconcantabiledc:CantabileDC 7 0
Hello/How are you - Hoehoe-P - English Translyrics
I whisper to the sky, opening my window wide
[How are you?]
Because there's no-one else, but me by my side.
The sun's come up again, along with a lot of rain
Can  someone help me please and wind my clock,
Yes, once upon a time, there lived someone, long ago
[How are you?]
Someone from a fairy tail, who was loved by everyone.
Wake  up, there's no more time for dreaming, throw those silly thoughts away,
So next time I can hide my tears somewhere safe.
My favourite thing to say is
'Well, it's fine this way.'
So the line you said just yesterday
Went over my head:
'Hah~ Well, since it's you, it's not like there's anything to hope for.'
H-hey, hey, I mean - just hold on!
It's true I don't expect a single thing from me at all.
Still, you know, where did something like that come from?
So time to time,
Day by day,
I can't say
What I want to say
When I try,
To say it right,
The words turn into lies.  
And today w
:iconcantabiledc:CantabileDC 4 3
Happy Synthesizer - EasyPop - English Translyrics
Happy synthesizer, this is a song that's written just for you.
Let this fleeting melody reach your heart!
Once upon a time there was someone whose love was blown away,
Looking back on that story now, I can stop and smile a while.
Every day just seemed to shine - todays, tomorrows always bright.
D'you remember how it felt -just seeing past what has been?
Why rely on memories that have past? Why remember only holding back?
[Hurry up already and grow up] - I don't agree with that.
I don't know a lot of things but I can't say I didn't notice you.
What I couldn't say then, I'll say now - [I like the way you are]
Happy synthesizer, this is a song that's written just for you!
Let this fleeting melody reach your heart.
Boring things like [obligation] and all those memories you hate -
With this sound, all clear and loud, I'll blow them all away.
And though it's just a tiny thing, though really it's not anything,
There is still something someone like me can do.
Honest and simple words although t
:iconcantabiledc:CantabileDC 10 3
Hirari, Hirari - Tamaazu-P - English Translyrics
Look - how gently the wind bears the leaves
As the ties turning gray
Fall away.
Closely, closely hold them near your heart
When seasons turn again.
Broken by the words I held so tightly in my arms
That I couldn't move my feet,
'Til I was falling, falling into a warm, warm dream -
Sunrise took you from my side.
I will tie those memories before they turn gray
As colours of dawn softly blow away.
Fires burn, burn away the mark you made, still
Fluttering, fluttering, fluttering.
Words spread wings, fly to the sky, the sea, so far!
I pray that they reach you wherever you are.
Day by day, the colours of the ties we made are
Fluttering and fluttering away.
Shine a light, let the memory find its way once more
And fly, even for a while, to soar to the sky,
Though it knows that the light it shed will fade away,
Fluttering, fluttering, fluttering.
Though my heart has to go far away while you remain,
This one final song will stay behind and fly to you
'Til the end, trembling gently like the fallin
:iconcantabiledc:CantabileDC 26 13
Last Night, Good Night - Kz - English Translyrics
Without a sound,
A face that seems to dream
As you sleep
And suddenly,
The tears come falling down my cheek
Before I knew
They could fall...
I might try hiding feelings in my heart,
But to the rhythm of drums, the sorrow bursts apart
Last night, good night
Last night, good night
And on this night,
I'll hold you close
'Til, hand in hand,
Sleep brings you home
And can you see
How wonderful it would be
If the sun could rise
With you by my side?
A tiny hope
I know that only dreamers dream,
I can't help
Praying on and on...
Voice, heart, words will connect in time
But it's still so hard to say goodbye...
Last night, good night
Last night, good night
When time comes by
To close the door,
This melody's
Forever yours.
Last night, good night
Last night, good night
And on that day,
When all days end,
Morning will come
Take me away.
'Til then I pray
Into the night,
That your smile
Shines ever bright.
:iconcantabiledc:CantabileDC 9 3
Karakuri Pierrot - 40m-P - English Translyrics
Two hours have come and gone,
Here, waiting, all alone,
Yeah, somehow, think I knew -
That's the best reply I'll get from you.
The people passing by,
The clouds in the sky,
Now, everywhere I go
They laugh at me, you know.
And it's an easy thing to say,
But I can't say it anyway
All I need to do
Is let go of you
To move on once again.
But I'm afraid, don't want to see,
It's still so hard to believe,
That inside your head, no matter what I said,
You saw a laughing clown instead.      
And I spin,
And I spin,
And I spin,
'Til I'm sick of it,
Won't come out,
Won't come out from me at all.
I suppose
It's the close,
Yeah, now the curtains are falling down
Oh, though I try,
Why can't I
Reach you at all?
The world sings its song
And drags me along,
A sleepy melody
Is spinning, spinning round with me.
But for a single beat
I stop - suddenly I can't breathe...
Don't think, keep moving on
You have to, to stay strong
But there is nothing I can do,
I picked a card not mine to choose,
:iconcantabiledc:CantabileDC 6 3
From Y to Y - OneRoom - English Translyrics
I watched your back as you turned
And walked away without a word.
The quiet seems so loud when
You're alone.
Like a child who knows they're left behind,
I want to hold you back to my side -
[Hey, please don't leave,
Please stay right here with me]
But all I can do is turn
And walk away, don't say a word.
I have to look ahead before
I cry.
It's much too easy to pretend
That I don't like too much happiness,
And so I lie
And leave behind
That shining bright
That dream is left to die...
I tried
(I tried)
This tiny one-person room
Is small I know, but still my own.
So why now
Is it big somehow?
The gaps in my heart grows!
Every sound the ticking clock makes
Is another lifetime much too late.
If I could spend it with you...
Is this world the kind of place
Where such a fragile thing like hope flies away,
When such a tiny lie
Is enough to make you cry?
Even then I don't want to let you go...
But I know that I've made
Many mistakes that's done too much to wish away,
:iconcantabiledc:CantabileDC 8 0
WAVE - Niki - English Translyrics
We miss a step,
And the world - it ends,
When the lights turn green, we step,
We all step forward,
Spread your wings and fly,
Stop, replay, think why -
Why'd we even try?
Synchronised with our heart beat,
We all fall in love with a memory,
Hey, remember what you've been dreaming,
Track down that tune and find the beat
Hah~ dancing to that melody
As the moon shines in the sky,
We sink, sinking in its light,
There's a sound that shakes and breaks through me,
Makes me free, it makes me confused, see -
We're all scared, and lost, and unsteady,
So afraid that nothing can scare me
And the dazzling light, it shines, takes aim
And strikes my heart,
'Til the world is spinning
Round and around and around again
And stop to think again,
Pause to play a step,
When the light turns red,
Let's go, fast forward!
Keep up, on your feet,
Don't fall through the beat,
No need to be afraid
Don't mind it now,
And just side-step,
Skype aliens and let them in,
Romantic dreams over truth says
This hazy daze will
:iconcantabiledc:CantabileDC 7 12
Nameless Song - Dateken - English Translyrics
On my own,
In my room,
Here, there's
Looking out alone
As the sun falls asleep
And I feel,
So lonely,
Wish for somebody
So I hum a
A song that's heard by one -
My song with no name,
Gentle lines
Softly rise
And I can smile again
With no one here beside me,
For words, there's no need,
A song
That I made
For me
On my own,
In my room,
Here, there's
Gazing out alone, night
Falls on the streets
A hush falls,
Hello, and
It feels so lonely.
So I hum a
A song that's heard by one -
My song with no name,
Soft tunes
Fill the room -
It's warm and bright again.
With no one here beside me,
For words, there's no need,
A song
That I made
For me
:iconcantabiledc:CantabileDC 7 3
Sayoko - Mikito-P - English Translyrics
And today, looks like the fridge is all empty again,
Just a hand, handful of tea and some tablets to mend,
And just, just for a moment I stop and forget
But it all comes back just the same.
My phone it slips, it's slipping from my fingertips
And my hair - it feels so sticky and gross in my grip
Though it's not like I expected no more, or less.
So then, I guess that's how it ends.
I just want to die, I just want to die softly,
There is no pain
From the way
I stumbled and fell before,
The bruise runs cold
But I don't mind -
It'll fade in time
I shut my eyes tight
From the light - it blinds me
Sun says hello
And tomorrow
Passes me by again
Though I suppose I won't know.
And I wonder if Eri or Takayuki see,
But I guess they're not so free or unsteady, like me
To fuss about these little, unspeakable things,
But that's just always how it's been.
So then, why do I keep smiling until my face aches?
I'm so tired, oh, I'm so tired and I can't stay awake,
And there's nothing in myself or my famil
:iconcantabiledc:CantabileDC 4 0
TR :iconyukikoro:YukikoRo 9 0
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